Comenius project 2012-2014. Institut Premià de Mar in Barcelona (Spain).

Working on sustainability and sustainable development in association with students and teachers from Marie-Curie-Gymnasium

in Kirchzarten (Germany), Lycée Alphonse Daudet in Nîmes (France) and East Leake Academy in East Leake (England).

divendres, 7 de març de 2014


On Monday we arrived to Nîmes by train. Our French partners picked us up right at the train station.
On Tuesday we had a conference in the high school about historic floods in Nîmes and we had a reflection about flood risks. Then we had lunch in the canteen.
We went to a tour in Vidourle Valley‘s developments to prevent floods . We saw a dam and we were told about its functions. We returned to school at 6 pm
On Wednesday we had a presentation and tour on developments to prevent floods in Nîmes. We saw different floodmarks around the city.
Afterwards, we had a picnic at Pont du Gard site (food supplied by the school) and after they guided us around the Pont du Gard. We even went through the inside of the bridge.
Finally we returned to school at 5.30 pm.
On Thursday, at 8.15 a.m. we went to « Tour de Valat scientific  centre » (Camargue). We couldn’t go outside and see the wetlands because it was raining all day.
When we finished the conference they brought us our lunch (supplied by the scientific centre).
We returned to school at 5.30 pm.
On Friday, from  8 a.m. to 11.30 a. m. we designed  the Comenius Calendar with student photos in computer rooms at high school. When we finished, we ate at the school canteen.
In the afternoon, after lunch, we had a tour at biofiltration sewage works in Marsellain.
And finally, at 7.30 pm., we had farewell dinner at a restaurant with all the partners.
On Saturday, we went to the Mediterranean Aquarium, and in the afternoon we stayed with our family.
The last day, we said goodbye to our exchange partners and closed and enjoyable week in Nîmes.

By M. Ramírez and S. Coronel

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