Comenius project 2012-2014. Institut Premià de Mar in Barcelona (Spain).

Working on sustainability and sustainable development in association with students and teachers from Marie-Curie-Gymnasium

in Kirchzarten (Germany), Lycée Alphonse Daudet in Nîmes (France) and East Leake Academy in East Leake (England).

dissabte, 15 de juny de 2013

MOBILITY REPORT by Damià Fulton (participant student)

This school's year has already reached its end. It has been a marvellous year, and we have done two of the comenius mobilities: Germany and Spain.

On Saturday 11th of May, comenius students from Germany, France and England came to Premià. They arrived separately in different turns, throughout the day. Everybody was very excited about it. The first day, students met their partners and their families. The weekend was free for us to plan things, so the incoming students were able to adjust themselves and didn't have to worry about having to go to school.
The next day, we met up to have dinner at the beach. It was a nice sunny day, and some got a nice lobster red tan. After lunch, we went to visit Barcelona, especially the Ramblas and the Maremagnum.

On Monday, our headmaster, Berant Ancochea, gave all the foreign students and their teachers a nice welcoming speech, after which we were all given our schedules for the week. Then, all the Spanish students but 8 went to their normal classes. The rest of us had a very interesting activity on food. Valerià Paül, an expert on food organization, gave us an explanation of nowadays food crisis and alternative methods to fight this. Then, we visited a farm where food is sold directly to the consumer, as natural as possible. We came back to the school and we did the last activity of the day. By groups of 4, we would analise the webpage of some company or association related to food, and later on give a brief exposition about it.

Tuesday was the day of the solar boxes. Each class had made a room able to light up without electricity. We used a carboard box, painted it white inside, made a hole in it, we put a water bottle in the hole and a peep hole on the side. We covered the bottle over and when we uncovered it... Voilà! The cardboard box was full of light. It was a great success. We even prepared one to write in, but it was a bit too small for most people, so there weren't so many that went in. After that, the students went to a desalination plant in El Prat de Llobregat.

On Wednesday, we started off by watching the comenius expositions of the Spanish students. They were all very interesting, and quite a number of them involved commercials or marketing. Then, all the exchange students participated on a sailing activity, but none of the Spanish students could. After those who still hadn't gone on any field trip and the exchange students went to a waste treatment plant in Mataró. Apparently, it was very smelly.

For Thurdsday, a great activity was programmed to visit El Bosc Vertical, an adventure park in Catalunya. However, because of rainy weather, the activity had to be suspended. Instead, we visited the Barça Museum. It was wonderful, very interesting. After that, we had the possiblility to stay in Barcelona, and most of us did. We parted in two groups: one that wanted to visit Plaça Catalunya and one that went to Gothic quarter. The one that went to the centre were quite lucky, because later on they saw a live bicycle trick show in Arc de Tiomf and we got free Red Bulls! It was the last day, so we all had dinner together with the teachers in the Rigoletto, a nice pizzeria in Premià. After dinner, we saw photographs of the whole exchange programme here. We all got a diploma with our name on it, stating that we had participated in the Premià Comenius Mobility. We all said goodbye to everybody and wished each other luck.

Friday was the last day with our partners. We accompanied them to the train station and said farewell to them. It was sad to see them leave so soon, but they had to go back to their countries and live on with their lives.

It has been a very good and profitable exchange, most of us have learnt a lot and have had lots of fun in the meantime. The next mobility is England, and hopefully it will be just as much fun.

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